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What is The Gabriel Method all about?

Jon Gabriel lost 220lb and in the process researched and developed his own weight loss method. His solution focuses not on excluding foods or eating less, but instead on adding more “vitality” foods and supplements which contain nutrients which the body may have been missing out on. The photos in the picture are of Jon himself.

The Gabriel Method clearly explains the mind/body connection and what this means in relation to weight loss and emotional eating. To assist weight loss the method includes a guided meditation and visualization to help stop you wanting to eat more food than you need.

Jon doesn’t promise instant weight loss, in fact he says that unlike most diets where it’s easy to lose a few pounds in the first week or two, initial weight loss will be gradual but after a while you start to lose weight at an increasing rate

A number of people on internet forums say they have spoken to Jon personally to get further advice and support.

Who is it best for?

  • Emotional Eaters.
  • Slimmers who need long terms results, not instant short term weight loss.
  • People who have a large amount of weight they need to lose.

Who should avoid it

  • People who need to lose weight quickly

What do you get?

12 Video modules to teach you very aspect of the Gabriel Method
1 evening visualization (mp3 audio) to listen to before bed.

The Gabriel Method, digital e-book
4 morning visualization mp3 audios
Medical lecture (mp3 audio) – a recording of the lecture Jon gave to the American Holistic Medical Association.
Weight Loss for kinds mp3 audio
Recipe book

How much is it?


How is it delivered?

Electronic Download

What do other people say about it?

I have followed Jon’s advice for the last 3 month and noticed a gradual loss, especially around those hard to shift hips, overall I have dropped a clothes size. I eat healthier and MORE, the only exercise I do regularly is yoga.
Schnazzy [View Comment]

I have a 5 month old, and I CAN do the Gabriel Method even with taking care of him. I did not feel that way about any other program.
mkebeling3 [View Comment]

One thing I like immensely and has helped me greatly is the CD which comes with Jon’s book. I feel it has had a marked effect on my attitude and thus, potentially, my weight loss program.
blackrobes (male) [View Comment]

I have been doing the Gabriel Method, and the change is crazy. I feel so much better, more alert, i remember things I never would have and I have a ton more energy. I have lost 18lbs, and my goal is to go from 266 to 130.
shularc [View Comment]

How do I Buy The Gabriel Method?

To buy the program, click to go to the official Gabriel method website.